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August 2nd, 2023

Emtanon Ltd Unveils Groundbreaking SecureSmart™ IoT+ for Smart Appliances, Revolutionizing the IoT Landscape and Achieving 10% Energy Savings

Emtanon Ltd, a leading innovator in smart technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its cutting-edge middleware product SecureSmart™ IoT+, designed for smart appliances, such as HVAC systems, hot water heaters, washers, dryers, and ovens for both commercial and residential use. This groundbreaking middleware product not only ensures top-notch IoT security but also paves the way for substantial energy savings of up to 10%. With its seamless integration into various smart appliances, this middleware represents a major milestone in enhancing the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of connected devices.

Emtanon's SecureSmart™ IoT+ solution leverages state-of-the-art IoT security protocols, ensuring robust protection against potential cyber threats and vulnerabilities. The company's unwavering commitment to user safety and data privacy has already garnered praise from several major manufacturers in the industry. As a result, leading appliance manufacturers have enthusiastically embraced Emtanon's middleware, integrating it into their latest product lines.

"We are thrilled to unveil SecureSmart™ IoT+, which addresses critical challenges faced by both commercial and residential consumers. At Emtanon, we have always believed in pushing the boundaries of technology to deliver unparalleled solutions," said Senior Managing Partner at Emtanon Ltd. "This middleware not only sets new standards for IoT security but also fosters a sustainable approach by enabling significant energy savings. Our collaboration with major manufacturers is a testament to the innovative capabilities and trustworthiness of Emtanon's products."

In addition to fortifying the security of smart appliances and protecting them from potential breaches, the middleware also offers substantial energy savings. Through advanced optimization algorithms, it streamlines energy consumption, reducing overall power usage by an impressive 10%. This breakthrough not only results in lower utility bills for consumers but also contributes significantly to environmental sustainability.

Mark Zorb, Chief Security Specialist at Emtanon Ltd, commented on the product's security features, stating, "Our team has dedicated countless hours to ensure that the middleware adheres to the highest industry standards for security. With cyber threats on the rise, it was crucial to develop a middleware product that instills confidence in users, and we are proud to say that we have achieved just that. Our middleware delivers a safe, secure, and seamless experience for users, and we look forward to expanding its reach to even more smart appliances in the future."

Emtanon's middleware product has already received widespread acclaim for its potential to transform the smart appliance landscape, making homes and businesses more efficient, secure, and environmentally conscious. With the product already implemented by several leading manufacturers, consumers can now experience the benefits firsthand.

About Emtanon Ltd:

Emtanon Ltd is a pioneering technology company at the forefront of innovation in the smart appliance and IoT industry. The company is renowned for its cutting-edge solutions that enhance user experiences, security, and sustainability.

May 25th, 2023

Emtanon Celebrates Year 5 of Meteorological Station Contract on Gough, British Overseas Territory

Further demonstrating our global reach and resolve in the most remote of locations, Emtanon celebrated its 5 year anniversary operating on the island of Gough. To ring in the milestone, a shipment of Gorno32 GO! game consoles were sent to the island, allowing folks working on the island to relax with several different game programs. Our staff works around the clock to help maintain the highest standard of Meteorological measurements to ensure accurate weather forecasts in South Africa. Besides all of the hard work, the Emtanon team on Gough likes to have fun too. We spoke with some of our team members over radiotelephone about what they like to do during their spare time on the remote island.