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What We Do

Emtanon is a world leading provider of solutions for government agencies, private business, and scientific research. We currently administrate projects in over 14 countries, offering services such as project managenent, staffing, technological solutions, and more.

Project Management

Our world leading team of project managers have the experience it takes to keep your project on time, with the confidentiality you expeect.


We excel with a smile where others object. Our professional team will treat your unique project with the respect and care it deserves.

Highest Security

Our team members are well trained in the use of world class encryption, message transmission security, and the secure transport of high value items. All of our team members have passed a thorough and expansive background check.

Deployed on Demand

Our vast experience with logistics allows us to rapidly deploy staff any where in the world, on demand, at a moments notice.


Around the world, our clients rave over the work we do. To us, it's just another day at work. Here are some of the things they are saying.

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